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Our RAPid Trunnions™ provide convenient 360° rotation to optimize part orientation. The standard gearbox is double sided to allow for re-positioning of the hand crank and incorporates a positive locking system to prevent any accidental or unwanted rotation. We use heavy duty bearings and casters for great reliability providing years of service. The heavy duty casters allow for easy movement over most shop floor obstacles and allow both headstock and tailstock to be moved to position independently. RAPid Trunnions™ are also customizable. Choose from several gearbox ratios, heights, and caster sizes. You can even choose not to have casters and mount them right to the floor. To make sure our RAPid Trunnions™ meet your needs, hydraulic and pneumatic motor options are available upon request. In addition, if you supply drawings, mounting plates can be custom made to match your specific application.

A quick & easy solution for mounting your weld or assembly fixtures

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Click for more options, specifications, and printable quote request

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